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Magnum - Sensata

4400 Watt, 48V Inverter/60 Amp Charger/120V/240V In/Out | Pure Sine

4400 Watt, 48V Inverter/60 Amp Charger/120V/240V In/Out | Pure Sine

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MS-PAE Series Inverter/Chargers are pure sine wave inverters designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The Magnum MS4448PAE is powerful, easy-to-use and best of all, cost effective.

Magnums feature Power Factor Corrected battery chargers to deliver more charge current from small generators, easy-to-use status meter/remote control and either modified sine wave (RD/ME/MM Series) or pure sine wave (MS/MMS Series) output.


The MS-PAE Series Inverter/Charger offers dual output voltages (120/240VAC) in a single inverter. Magnum's unique design allows the inverter to share power unevenly through the two legs. This way, 90% of the power is available at 120VAC while still running 240V loads such as a well pump. If you have a 240VAC generator, you can charge through the inverter, balancing the generator loading.

For larger systems, two or more MS-PAE models can be stacked with the addition of the ME-RCR router. This communicates between the inverters and synchronizes their output.

Features of the Magnum MS4448PAE include:

  • Parallel stacking, up to 4 inverter/chargers.
  • Pure sine wave.
  • 24 and 48V configurations.
  • Lightweight base and cover.
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty.


Brands Magnum
Data Sheet MS-PAE Series Spec Sheet
Manual Magnum MS4448PAE Manual
Output (Watts @ AC Volts) 4400W @ 120/240VAC
DC Input Voltage 48VDC
Charger Output (Amps @ DC Volts) 60A @ 48VDC
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Product Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 x 12.65 x 8.0”
Warranty 2 Years
Clearance No
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