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Midnite E-Panel system with Outback VFXR3648 inverter

Midnite E-Panel system with Outback VFXR3648 inverter

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E-Panels are an accessory that complete the installation of a single inverter in one tidy package.

The EP-VFXR3648 is a unique inverter solution that works for grid-tie, backup and remote power for both industrial and residential applications. The 48V system allows the use of higher capacity batteries and larger charge controllers like the FM-100. With 120VAC output, it wires into a conventional electrical panel system with ease.

HES PV Outback Panels contain all the necessary components to make your inverter installation easy, turn-key and compliant. With a hinged door holding the inverter, E-Panels provide easy access to wiring terminals, allowing the AC input, output and battery connections to be made on site. We've done the wiring for you, and include all of the accessories like charge controllers, battery monitoring and lighting that you have selected.

The OutBack EP-VFXR3648 is UL approved for Canadian installations, and features a 5 year warranty..

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