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Sun Saver MPPT 15 Amp Regulator

Sun Saver MPPT 15 Amp Regulator

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The SunSaver MPPT™ with TrakStar technology is the perfect charging solution for smaller off-grid solar systems up to 520Wp. An industrial-grade design proven in challenging applications and environments, SunSaver has been called the single most successful charge controller in the solar industry.

“…an amazing product…well built, and well designed”

Morningstar’s SunSaver MPPT solar controller with TrakStar
Technology™ is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
battery for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems with PV array max
power (Pmp) up to 520 watts. The controller features a smart tracking
algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also
provides load control to prevent over discharge of the battery. Detailed
battery programming options allow for advanced battery support for
the latest Lithium, Nickel Cadmium, and Lead Acid battery types.

Designed for Harsh Environments and Hazardous Locations
Around the Globe
Temperature rating of -40°C to +60°C
Ideal for Oil/Gas applications. Approved for use in hazardous
locations: UL/CSA Class 1, Division 2, Groups A-D and
ATEX/IECEx Zone 2, Gas Group IIC

Maximizes Energy Harvest
Our TrakStar MPPT Technology features:
Peak efficiency of over 97%
Almost no power losses
Recognition of multiple power peaks during shading or mixed
PV arrays
Excellent performance at low solar insolation levels

Use of High Voltage Modules
Enables the use of high voltage and thin film modules for off-grid
battery charging.

Higher Voltage PV Arrays
Provides a means to use a higher voltage PV array to charge either
a 12V or 24V battery.

Lower System Cost
Less expensive than other MPPT controllers and is affordable
in smaller PV systems up to 400Wp. Allows system costs to be
reduced by down-sizing the PV array, using on-grid or thin film
modules and decreasing cable sizes.


Peak efficiency 97.5%
Nominal battery voltage 12 or 24 volts
Max. battery charging current 15 amps
Battery voltage range 7-36 volts
Nominal Max. Output Power / Max Recommended Solar PV Input*
12 volt battery 200W / 260W
24 volt battery 400W / 520W
Max. PV open circuit voltage** 60 volts (without damage to unit)
Rated load current 15 amps
Self consumption 35 milliamps
Transient surge protection 4 x 1500 watts

Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C May derate above the
following temperature = 50°C ***
Storage temperature -55°C to +100°C
Humidity 100% non-condensing
Tropicalization Epoxy encapsulation conformal
coating marine rated terminals

Dimensions 16.9h x 6.4w x 7.3d cm
6.6h x 2.5w x 2.9d in
Weight 0.60 kg / 1.3 lbs
Power terminal 16 mm2 / #6 AWG
Enclosure Die cast aluminum with plastic cover
IP 20, Type 1

Battery Charging
Battery types Gel, Sealed, AGM, Flooded
4 Stage charging Bulk, absorption, float, equalize (optional)
Temperature compensation
Coefficient –5mV/°C / cell (25°C ref)
Range –30°C to +60°C
Set points Absorption, float, equalize


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