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Tristar Digital MPPT Remote Meter

Tristar Digital MPPT Remote Meter

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The TriStar Meter-2™ (TS-M-2), TriStar Meter-2-600V™ (TS-M-2-600V) and the TriStar Remote Meter-2™ (TS-RM-2) are advanced digital meters. They are nearly identical except that the TS-M-2 and TS-M-2-600V are mounted on the controller and the TS-RM-2 is flush mounted up to 30 meters away from the controller.

The TriStar meters are 2 x 16 character LCD’s that display system and controller information, logged data, bar graph metering, alarms and faults for easy troubleshooting. The information may be shown in English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish. In multicontroller systems, these are networkable using Morningstar’s MeterHub to allow individual controller data and aggregate system data to be displayed together on a single meter
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Use
  • Networking Capability
Brands Morningstar
Data Sheet Morningstar Remote Meter 2 Spec Sheet
Manual MorningStar RemoteMeter2 Manual
Volts No
Amps 42.5 mA backlight on (self-consumption)


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